EIS started developing its own front-end .NET programming for barcode verification targeted towards customers in any type of industrial environment. The system integrator chose to work with Omron thanks to the automation supplier’s global reach and the fact that all technologies are designed to work as a single solution. The two companies’ trusted relationship was also a major factor in the decision.

Initially working with MicroHAWK as the only Omron technology, EIS eventually decided to incorporate Omron’s Sysmac control solutions, panel builder initiative technologies and TM series collaborative robot as well. This allows the company to offer a range of options for customers seeking to improve their traceability, from basic barcode reading and verification to complete automation systems with robotics, control and more.

Business need

EIS Automation wanted to develop a new barcode verification system that would be installable on virtually any type of industrial equipment, including conveying lines, packaging machinery, assembly lines, printing equipment and more.

Unique solution

The new system features a fully assembled control panel with an I/O machine interface and data output as well as up to four MicroHAWK barcode readers that can decode 1D or 2D symbols and perform optical character recognition (OCR).

Customer benefits

The new system has several advantages, including a small footprint, flexibility in programming and connectivity as well as relative simplicity in troubleshooting thanks to the fact that all technologies come from a single vendor.