“Our customers appreciate that we listen to their needs, and we deliver results that fit their particular demands. It’s what I experience and value when working with Omron.” Joachim Kraus, managing director of Kraus Maschinenbau said.

The FK Codingline solution is used to ensure the accuracy and precision with which the codes are printed and positioned. The solution can be used on widely varying sizes and types of packaging -- with no compromise on either production speed or print quality.

Codingline relies on Omron’s Xpectia vision systems to provide the flexibility needed for specific applications. When matched with the intuitive Omron HMI, the Xpectia system can be easily programmed and quickly set up, saving time and maintaining production uptime. The concept has recently been adapted for use on a machine for packaging e-cigarettes, which are subject to specific pharmaceutical regulations.

“I come to Omron with a problem, and I expect a solution. The Codingline solution is simple to adjust without additional tools, easy to use, modular, scalable and that delivers reliable and repeatable results," Kraus added.