Built on more than 50 years of experience, global manufacturer Liquibox is a pioneer in flexible packaging. The company designs and manufactures best-in-class bag-making machines used in packaging companies on all five continents, and it uses these machines for its own manufacturing facilities as well.

For all its fluidity, Liquibox has a solid commitment to providing the ultimate flexible packaging from which all good things flow. The company’s focus on sustainable manufacturing practices is the main reason why Liquibox chose to collaborate with Omron on innovating new solutions and shaping them around sustainability challenges.

“Omron’s control and motion products help Liquibox’s machines deliver 133% higher output.”

Unique Solution

Omron helped Liquibox devise a solution using G5 servos, E5C temperature controllers, E2E proximity sensors and E3XDA fiber optic sensors.

Customer Benefits

Liquibox now produces 100% of its bags within specification, and its machines deliver 133% higher pouch output thanks to the speed of the EtherCAT network and the Omron platform’s fast program scan time.