The Nordson group is a leader for applying industrial liquid and powder coatings, adhesives, and sealants to numerous consumer and industrial products during manufacturing.

“The supplier’s delivery performance (quality, accuracy, etc.) is very important, but not everything,” commented Tim Gutmann, purchasing manager at Nordson. “Flexibility is also essential. Fortunately, Omron always reacted quickly and flexibly whenever we approached them with additional requests.  Together we were able to significantly increase our efficiency.”

Over a 12-month period, Nordson measured a 99.5 percent supply accuracy and no quality claims whatsoever, according to Lucian Dold, of the Omron Sensing Safety and Component Division.

“Things will get even better. We will continue to be the partner who is ready to tackle the future challenges together with our customers. The award from Nordson helps fuel our determination to reach the next level.”

To read the full success story, please download the PDF below.