Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems, a company that builds canning machines for the microbrewery industry, needed to increase the flexibility of its products for customers while ensuring that they would be able to expand from 1-10 fill heads and seam 10-100+ cans per minute. The company has created six canning machine models with a variety of customizable options to accommodate the unique needs of each customer.

The company’s microbrew canning machine expertise doesn’t stop at filling and seaming, however. Twin Monkeys also assists its customers with implementing a fully integrated packaging line from the exit of their beverage tanks to the finished pallets of cans. Omron helped the company implement a reliable control platform based on Sysmac Studio that can be supported worldwide. Thanks to these improvements, Twin Monkeys’ sales expectations for the next 12 months have increased to more than 40% growth.

While Twin Monkey’s sells machines to microbreweries for static placement in their production lines, it also sells to independent companies that take the machines from microbrewery to microbrewery using a mobile unit. This business model allows several companies producing small amounts of product to “share” the machines and minimize their capital investment.

Twin Monkeys has tapped into this niche, offering several flexible and scalable “canning as a service,” models in which mobile service providers that own these machines can bring machines direct to microbreweries’ doors. Microbreweries can then hire canning services and benefit from the added capabilities without the full investment of purchasing a machine.