VOLA is a very old company, having been founded almost one and a half centuries ago in 1873, and its factory is “very strict and very minimalistic,” according to Chief Operating Officer Peder Nygaard. All taps are produced in the Danish town of Horsens, and the company wishes to keep it this way. For this reason, VOLA is continuously trying to improve its efficiency and lead time. To do so, the company sought a new manufacturing line to deliver higher speed and throughput.

VOLA chose to work with Omron because there are very few robot manufacturers that can handle the sort of advanced fleet management that Omron is capable of. The company was unable to find anything similar in the entirety of Northern Europe.

Omron's LD-90 Mobile Robot helps Danish manufacturer automate materials transport.

Business need

VOLA needed an automated solution to quickly move boxes of product from one location to another in order to streamline production and liberate its employees from the burden of manual materials transport.

Unique solution

VOLA implemented a fleet of nine Omron LD-90 mobile robots along with Omron’s Fleet Manager to provide a fully coordinated solution for autonomous materials transport throughout the factory.

Customer benefits

The mobile robot solution has improved overall throughput, production flexibility and working conditions while making it possible for the company to easily change its factory layout whenever necessary.