Trends, challenges and innovative solutions for an evolving industry

This white paper examines several traceability-related trends in the medical industry and life sciences today, along with numerous strategies for ensuring regulatory compliance and getting the utmost value out of the transition to a fully automated clinical laboratory.

Meet deadlines and track devices across the supply chain

Traceability has always been an essential component of the life sciences, but the upcoming FDA UDI deadlines has brought it to the forefront of industry conversations around medical device manufacturing. Omron’s solutions can help manufacturers stay ahead of the game and ensure compliance with the latest requirements.

Robust traceability systems can also help prevent counterfeiting and keep supply chain issues to a minimum.

Mastering traceability through MVRC (Mark, Verify, Read and Communicate)

Our most recent white paper series offers insights into the driving forces behind the latest developments and strategies for getting the most out of real-time traceability, whether for the purpose of brand protection, regulatory compliance, quality control, process improvements or another goal.