Discover, collaborate, and validate a solution’s functionality with an in-person or virtual visit to an Omron Proof of Concept Center

With locations throughout the Americas, Omron Proof of Concept Centers are established to help you see working solutions and get access to experts, at your convenience. Our application engineers and specialized engineers are ready to assist you with your latest innovations and applications on an in-person or virtual basis.

What you'll get from a visit to a Proof of Concept Center

Prove solutions will work

Validate solutions with our application engineers to mitigate risk and ensure successful implementation.

A place to collaborate

Our center was designed as an innovation space for collaboration with customers, their customers and partners.

Get input from experts

Our expert engineers want to hear your goals and can offer creative ideas to solve application challenges.

Locations around the Americas to serve you

Omron Automation operates nine proof of concept centers in North and South America, with joint PoC and Automation Technology Centers located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and Dallas, Texas. Working with engineers in one of our centers connects you with expertise throughout Omron.


Or, visit the ATC, Omron's engineering headquarters

The Automation Center offers a unique opportunity to work with our products and see first-hand how our technologies can be implemented into various applications. We encourage you to stop by and experience the power of Sysmac and other innovative Omron technologies.

While planning your visit to, Omron headquarters, be sure to view the current schedule for product training. This is a wonderful way to leverage the expertise of Omron engineers and envision your next application.