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Recommended Audience

This course is intended for engineers, maintenance personnel and individuals who need to understand and will be using the FH/FZ Series Machine Vision Controllers in their automated equipment.


A PC running Windows 7 or 10 with FH/FZ Launcher and Simulator v6.31 and an Internet connection will be required.  A 2nd monitor to project an extended display is recommended to facilitate following the instructor presentation with software execution.  Students will download the current version of software if they do not currently have it installed.

It is also recommended to complete the eLearning classes below via the Omron website:

  • Vision Basics (B016)
  • Vision Lighting (B017)
  • Vision Optics (B018)
Cancellation Policy:

Registrants may cancel or reschedule training sessions without penalty, if notice is given more than 10 business days prior to the first day of training. Cancellation or rescheduling notices given less than 10 business days prior to the first day of training, will be assessed a fee equal to 50% of the training cost.  If no notice is given and registrant fails to attend, 100% of the training cost will be invoiced. Omron reserves the right to cancel a class 10 business days prior to the first day of training if the minimum registration requirement is not met.



Day 1 - Lessons 1-5

  • Course Intro
  • System Hardware
  • Software Installation
  • Scene Concept
  • Software Overview

Day 2 - Lessons 6 – 8

  • Basic Operation
  • Processing Item Groups
  • Scene flow structure
  • Image acquisition and correction

Day 3 - Lessons 9 - 10

  • Measurement items - Pattern
  • Compensation

Day 4 - Lessons 11 - 14

  • Measurement items - Gauge
  • Support Measurements
  • Result Display
  • Measurement Items – Pixel Counting

Day 5 - Lessons 15 - 17

  • TDM Editor
  • Measurement items - Decode
  • Final Lab

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