Recommended Audience

This course is intended for anyone that has responsibilities to reduce machine and process risks in a facility, including both plant employees and corporate employees.



Recommended eLearning modules

  • None

Optional eLearning Modules

  • None
Cancellation Policy:

Distributors System Integrators may attend training classes at no cost, unless noted. However, a $300 fee will be charged to the Company if the student doesn’t show up or cancels less than 48 hours prior to the class start date.

Omron employees, please seek your manager's approval before registering for a course.

Classes range in duration from two to three days. Class hours are 8:30AM to 5:00PM, unless otherwise noted.



Day 1 – Lessons include:

  • A practical approach to risk assessment & risk reduction
  • Identify Machine Process Hazards
  • Identify safeguarding requirements
  • Safety circuits/ control reliability discussions
  • Hierarchy of controls / safeguarding methods

Day 2 – Lessons include:

  • Requirements for barrier guards
  • Stop time measurements and safety distance formula discussions
  • Muting vs. bypassing
  • Types of stops
  • General requirements of machine tools
  • Virtual assessment workshop

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